Thank you so much for visiting and viewing my passion. I have been a photographer for nearly ten years, a graphic designer for five and Creative Marketing Specialist for nearly two. I have spent my life traveling all over the world and across America, finding myself resting in the great PNW. Photography and design were a second passion of mine, I never thought I would find myself pursuing what I loved and not just for the job security. Work to Live, not, Live to Work. 

I am a disabled Veteran that served in the Navy for eight years, had careers in healthcare to IT and national security. Lived all over America and in Italy, visited Japan once. One would say that my life is diverse and well rounded. My style and methods reflect my passion, I take in and present what I feel and experience through out my travels. 

Although this is a portfolio of my work, I have many other styles and many more area's I dive into for photography, design and editing. You can view my other portfolios at Mac Vintage 1876. I am available for many different styles of shoots from portraits to sporting events.